How to Stage Your Outdoor Space

So you've just bought your new place or starting the process to sell and present your home in the best way possible. 

Taking the time to make your backyard as approachable and attractive as possible is crucial when inviting over guests or prospective buyers.

Follow these tips and staging solutions to make the most out of any outdoor space. 

1. Clean it up

Remove dirt and dust from your patio, walkways, stairs and any furniture you may have. Be sure to get the cracks in the sidewalk leading up to your porch and the crevices of the window ledge. Hose down the concrete, or if you’re tackling years of grimy buildup, you’ll want to pressure wash those stubborn layers. Knock down cobwebs from your eaves and remove any dead plant growth from your garden beds. Replace your porch light fixtures with updated ones or at minimum, give your current ones a thorough cleaning.

Declutter your outdoor space by packing up any toys, gardening or landscaping tools, and anything else that tends to make its home on the lawn. Don’t just shove everything in the garage or closet either, because your guests or buyers will likely see that too! 

2. Refine the landscaping 

 Break out the lawnmower, weed wacker, and the hedge trimmers, because landscape presentation is everything when it comes to creating a polished and inviting outdoor space. Weed the garden and yank out the dandelions growing in the walkway cracks. Use a fresh layer of mulch in your beds.

Plant bushes and flower beds to liven up your backyard and add some character to the scenery. Spread new mulch over any tired looking area of dirt, adding in some greenery to fill in empty areas.

If you’re not a gardener, don’t worry! Use window boxes, planters, and potted plants on the porch and patio to infuse the space with an inviting, lush feel—even in the winter. Remember to aim for dense and energetic (stick with three colors!), but not overwhelming and crowded.

 3. Furnish Your Backyard

Last but not least... furnish your patio, deck, porch, or any areas that allow you to naturally incorporate furniture and décor. Put out a bistro table and chairs with a vase of flowers on top, or if space allows, a patio dining table or a conversation set of a love seat and chairs!

If your backyard is mostly just lawn without a lot of concrete, you can still place a set of chairs with some accent pillows and an ottoman to show it off as a cozy spot to read. Or think about investing in a fire pit with a few chairs to show the potential of the yard for hanging out after dark. Be sure not to pack too much stuff in your outdoor space, as you want to leave enough room to emphasize the size of the yard and the opportunities that go along with it.


By following these three simple tips and staging solutions you will be well on your way to making the most out of your outdoor space and impress friends and loved ones or any potential buyers who will be viewing your home.