8 Small Bedroom Ideas if you're on a Budget


Struggling on how to make the most of limited space in your home all whilst remaining on a budget? With a few design adaptations, less can most certainly equal more. All it takes is thinking outside of the box and you can incorporate innovative bedroom design for without taking out a small loan.

1. Neutral color for walls are best

A small expenditure that will certainly be worth the effort is giving the walls a lick of white or cream paint. Small bedrooms can often lack in natural light, so ideally a great idea for small bedrooms is creating the illusion that it is bigger by keeping basics light bright and white and furniture.

2. Keep color to smaller details of your small bedroom decor

Granted, a white-washed, ultra-modern contemporary style isn’t for everyone. A great bedroom decorating idea is to create a light, white foundation to allow your personality shine through the smaller details. Second hand shops and flea markets are fantastic for getting your hands on unique, handmade door handles that are cheap and affordable. Change handles on light colored chests of drawers for something a little different, or pick a statement cushion and blanket for the bed or add understated pattern to your drawers and wardrobes.

3. Use small bedroom space appropriately

We often fail to realise that bedrooms are only really meant for sleeping and should be kept that way. For this reason, keep your bedroom for relaxation and sleep. Try to avoid working in your room if possible, but if you do tend to work at a desk, try to store things away and only use small bedroom space for one purpose at a time.

4. Make a small bedroom look bigger with a full-length mirror

Use the art of deception – if you have a full-length mirror, this can work wonders for helping a room to appear bigger than it is. Alternatively, turn a full-length mirror on its side and mount it above your bed horizontally.

5. In small single bedrooms, keep pillows to a minimum

In a larger room, a bed full of pillows can appear cosy and decadent. In a small space or a small single bedroom, it can have the same effect as having an army of teddy bears on your bed – that is, seeming exceedingly overcrowded. There is no need for three layers of sleeping pillows; instead accessorise with one or two statement cushions. Opting for patterned pillow cases and a block colour duvet also makes for a nice touch.

6. Use small bedroom decoration sparingly and effectively

Just because a bedroom is small and lacking in space does not mean it should lack in personality. Accessorising works best if it is contrasted against light coloured walls. Let your personality shine with one statement piece in bedroom decoration; whether that be a piece of art behind your bed, wardrobe or chest of drawers, or even better, some simple DIY with a headboard could work wonders for your room. If you don’t have a headboard, you can pick up a piece of medium density fibreboard (MDF) relatively cheap from any hardware shop and cover it in a fabric or paint of your choice. This instantly adds a zing of personality to any small space, and is a great opportunity to harness any untapped creative ability!

7. Think of creative small bedroom storage ideas

There is plenty of scope for small bedroom ideas on Pinterest. If you’re not familiar, Pinterest provides many examples of bedroom inspiration with innovative and cheap storage. For example, crates and pallets can be plucked from pretty much anywhere and make for fantastic rustic storage boxes. If space allows it, double up on storage by using a chest of drawers simultaneously as a bedside table. Similarly, if your bed allows it, don’t forget about the often-unused space underneath for storage boxes.

8. Space saving idea: utilise the walls

Once again, the trick is all about creating an optical illusion and enhancing wall décor for a small bedroom. Draw the eyes upwards and mount storage and lights on the wall or ceiling – wall-mounted lights take up less floor space than a standing lamp. For space saving ideas, shelves can often work better on the wall.

These ideas have hopefully given you some food for thought into how a small bedroom does not mean sacrificing style or personality. Often awkward features of a small bedroom such as alcoves, lack of floor space and low ceilings bedroom can add character with the appropriate decorating ideas.